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My Proper Wild Review!

My Proper Wild Review!

Those who know me, understand how I need my coffee first thing in the morning, so I won’t hate everybody FOREVER! So, when the good folks at Proper Wild sent me the ginger plant-based energy shot, I was a bit skeptical. 

I’ve tried many versions of the so-called long-lasting energy hype drinks, and they all have failed by making me super jittery or by not working at all. For the longest coffee was my most natural and sustaining answer to successfully maneuvering through these NYC Streets. 

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I noticed the gingery taste right away, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It was easy to drink and didn’t feel like I was taking medicine or an unpleasant cleansing concoction, so it made it easy to enjoy doing something healthy. I also love how they designed the packaging, it’s super chill but vibrant. It makes people want to know what’s inside that tiny bright bottle. Great marketing in my opinion! 

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Proper Wild was long lasting for the most part, but if I needed to take another shot a few hours later, I wouldn’t feel bad because it’s made with clean ingredients and best of all no jitters! I also love that one of the main benefits is that it improves focus and productivity. That’s something I really need to stay the course with this freelance life. Overall, I absolutely recommend this product for anyone who wants a natural, clean, and delicious boost of energy. It’s vegan, gluten free, soy free, non-GMO, and has no preservatives. Head to their Insta or website for more info and give it a SHOT!!! 🙂 

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