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Matchbox Bistro is Lit!

Matchbox Bistro is Lit!

If you’re in Washington DC and haven’t tried the Tomato Mozzarella Arancini from Matchbox Bistro, you are missing out on life! I visited the H Street location and was so impressed with the customer service, menu knowledge, and food recommendations given by my server Benjamin. He put me on to the fact that each Matchbox location has a different menu, so make sure to view them all before making your move.

Now back to the arancini!  They are mozzarella cheese stuffed, fried risotto balls, accompanied by a zesty tomato sauce and topped with fresh pecorino romano cheese!!!!!! Almost anything fried gets me every time, but this right here is on another level! The crispiness from the outside of the arancini along with the melted cheese inside was super-de-duper delicious! I also believe with all of my heart that someone’s Italian grandmother was in the kitchen perfecting that amazingly tasty tomato sauce, I really do! My best friend Mimi ordered the tuna tartare, and said that it was fricken awesome! Just go, and ask for Benjamin!


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