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Gimme Poutine!

Gimme Poutine!

YES! I’m still posting about my food venture in Montreal because the food was so dang good! Most folks know poutine is a staple in Quebec, and I had my fair share while visiting Montreal.

Surprisingly, McDonald’s topped my list of favorite poutines that I’ve tried! I know any Canadian would shake their head in disapproval over my McDonald’s rating, but trust me when I say they made my fries with the right amount of crispiness to hold the savory gravy and cheese curds. There’s nothing like hot fries from Mickey D’s, now imagine those bad boys topped with gravy and cheese!!! Nuff said! I also loved the different varieties of poutine that were offered at Taberna in Old Montreal. They had the classic poutine and also offered an option with Piri Piri chicken, and a Portuguese sausage called Chourico.  I can’t wait to go back to try the dish at other restaurants. Comfort food at it’s best!

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